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Do you have updated information on BSL in your area or know of updated information for an area that has/had BSL? We are asking for your help!

The BSL Map Project is being put together by a small group of volunteers and by submissions by you. We rely on your submissions to add to our research so we can have the most updated information. You can help!

Check out the map for where you live and see if we have the most updated info for BSL there. If we don't have something listed or don't have the most recent update listed, please send us an email with the most current information. We will get it added to the map and give you credit for the update. You can find the "Report BSL" form over on the left of this page in the menu.

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Who Has BSL

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Currently, the following states have state level laws prohibiting BSL, although some of the states have BSL that has been grandfathered in:

California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas and Virginia. Soon to follow are South Dakota and Utah which have both recently passed legislation banning BSL in their states.

BSL Information Regarding Personal Property

Please keep in mind, Breed Specific Legislation covers government entities and their laws, not personal properties.
We get asked frequently why we don't have a particular city on the BSL list when their apartment/condo building/HOA doesn't allow bully breeds.
There are different rules for personal property, and those are covered in the owners rights to decline or refuse certain breeds of dogs, even if there are state level laws banning BSL.
Unfortunately, at this time, bans on BSL do not cover personal property, but this is something many organizations are working to fix. We believe that if there is a ban on BSL, that should also cover personal property owners ability to refuse people because of their dogs breed. It is breedism at its finest, but unfortunately, this is not BSL.